Home Automation

Home Automation, can be difined as the automatic control of various electric, electronic and mechanical systems throughout a home. However, these automation systems are not limited to homes, and can be installed into offices, hotels, retail outlets etc.

Typically, HVAC (climate control), electrical, lighting, shading, access control, security and other related systems all form part of a home automation system.

Smart Lifestyle Solutions believes in a scalable approach to home automation systems. This means that our clients can start as big or as small as they wish and scale their systems up, as and when they are ready, without incurring additional costs.

Although it is always a good idea to make provision for future expansion of your systems when it is possible, the lack of provision is not a show stopper (in established buildings for example). Our Building Automation systems are installed using the existing wiring infrastructure of your building, so it is not necessary to install any new wiring – less time, less fuss, less mess and LESS COST!!

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