W900 SX CB

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W900 SX Cube LED wall light

The W900 SX Cube washes walls with ambient Tru-Colour illumination, drawing attention to the edge of rooms to make them appear more spacious while also reducing glare caused by primary light sources.

Keep it cubed

The W900 SX Cube can be paired with its smaller counterpart, the W200 SX Cube wall light, to create an artistic array of geometric shapes, or used in a simple succession for a modern look that aligns with the straight edges of rooms.

Anyway you like

Designed to give homeowners more creative control over their feature lighting, the W900 SX Cube has a protractible base, a 360° body rotation and universal gimballing – allowing the fitting and its beam to be adjusted with a simple touch.

Shape your world

In addition to increasing thermal and sound insulation, each design in our collection of flexible, surface-mounted wall lights is cast from pure aluminium and hand finished – providing adaptability and unmatched quality.


Source Lumens: Tru-Colour: Warranty:
1080lm Yes 7 years
Delivered Lumens: Dimming: Lifetime:
900lm No 70,000 hrs
Efficacy: Gimbal Angle: IP Rating:
60lm/W 20° Universal IP22