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W200 Curve LED wall light

Perfect for orientation, wash or feature lighting, the W200 Curve can be set into walls or ceilings to complement design details — illuminating otherwise dull surfaces with an ambient 3000K colour temperature.

One-part construction

Made from high quality pure aluminium, the W200 Curve has a simple one-part construction for incredible toughness. Brightgreen custom-designed wall boxes are available for purchase with wall lights, making recessing the W200 Curve into hard surfaces a breeze.

Wall-to-wall brilliance

Available in both white and silver fascias, the W200 Curve projects a diffused Tru-Colour beam that complements design features and interior colours schemes. Running on just 5 watts, this wall light combines brilliant design with outstanding efficiency.


Source Lumens: Tru-Colour: Warranty:
360lm Yes 7 years
Delivered Lumens: Dimming: Lifetime:
200lm Yes 70,000 hrs
Efficacy: Gimbal Angle: IP Rating:
33lm/W N/A IP44

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