VISION Z-Wave Siren Strobe DC

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Quick Overview

The VISION Z-Wave Siren and Strobe DC is a wireless device capable of producing an audible and visual alarm.

  • Red LED flashing strobe light
  • Loud (105dB @ 1m) audible alarm
  • Low battery and tamper indicators
  • Includes a 6V DC power supply
  • Configurable with Z-Wave certified gateways

Product Details

The VISION Z-Wave Siren and Strobe DC is a wireless device, fully programmable with Z-Wave gateways, capable of producing an audible and visual alarm based on your Z-Wave network settings.

This device is designed to operate alongside a Z-Wave enabled sensor which can detect a threat to your household. We recommend selecting any of the sensors below to suit your current needs:

  • DHS Z-Wave Multi-Sensor
  • VISION Z-Wave Door/Window Multi Sensor
  • VISION Z-Wave Shock Sensor
  • FIBARO Z-Wave Flood Sensor
  • FIBARO Z-Wave Multi-Sensor

Alternatively you can use it with the FIBARO Z-Wave Button as a convenient and easily accessible panic alarm in your home or office.

The VISION Z-Wave Siren and Strobe DC also includes a battery status indicator which will notify you when its battery level is low and a tamper alarm which will alert the associated Z-Wave gateway if anyone attempts to tamper with this device.

This product integrates with all Australian certified (921.42MHz) Z-Wave controllers including:

  • Vera Edge

  • Vera 3/Lite

  • Fibaro Home Center 2/Lite

  • Homeseer HS3

  • REMOTEC Z-Wave Universal Remote Controller

  • RaZberry Pi

Note: This device includes a 15V DC power supply.

Product Support


⇒ VISION Z-Wave Siren and Strobe User Manual (Size: 260 kB)

Configuration Command Class:

Parameter 0: Siren/ Strobe Mode, 1 Byte
Value: 0=Siren and Strobe enabled (default), 1=Siren only, 2= Strobe only.
Parameter 1: Alarm auto stop time command, 1Byte
Value: 0=30 seconds (default), 1= 60 secs, 2= 120 secs, 3= Siren will not stop automatically.

Technical Specifications

RF Protocol


RF Frequency

921.42Mhz - AU/NZ approved RF for Z-Wave

Z-Wave device type

Z-Wave binary switch

Internal Alarms

Tamper, Low Battery

Operating Voltage

9~24V DC / 6V Ni-MH CELL 150mAh (included)

Connection Type

Australian type plug (power adapter)

Operation Range

Up to 30m indoor with no obstacles


Indoor use only

Operation temperature

-5°C ~ 55°C

Loud Audiable Alarm

105dB @ 1meter






(H x W x D) 116mm x 77mm x 40mm