LOCKWOOD Z-Wave Digital Deadbolt

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Quick Overview

Z-wave Australia is happy to introduce Z-Wave Wireless Digital Deadbolt manufactured by LOCKWOOD (Yale) for Australian and New Zealand markets for residential and commercial use. The LOCKWOOD Z-Wave deadbolt lock with touchscreen combines a highly secure lockset with an elegant electronic interactive touchscreen, which allows users to access their premisis effortlessly with manual control or remote automated control. Designed for seamless integration with any Z-Wave product or automated control systems. Monitor the staus of this device and usage through a centralized controller. Voice guided programming makes set up very easy as well as updates to user information. This lock will fit in the place of your existing deadbolt and is compatible with all standard interior and exterior doors. Tapered features of the deadbolt allow it to be used even in applications where the door is not perfectly alligned. The wireless Radio Frequency (RF) range of this lock is 50 -100 feet and will need to be at least that close to another network controller in the Wireless Z-Wave System. This RF range can be influenced by surrounding objects and may be extended depending on the location of other Z-Wave devices in the system. If this unit is to be controlled and managed by a single network controller, it is recomended that this Z-Wave lock be programmed through the centralized User Interface (UI) using a PC or hand-held device. This will ensure the best and most reliable communication to and from the deadbolt lock and centralized controller.

Product Details

• Uses 128 bit AES encryption for security
• Slim design, LED visual and audible  feedback 
• Schedule Setting/Logging
• Ease of use and installation by qualified person 
• One master pin code will manage up to 250 user codes when used with Z-Wave network module
• Can be used in new and retrofit houses
• Integrates with certified Z-Wave controllers in Australian version (921.42MHz):

Advance remote Controller
Fibaro HC2/Lite

Product Support


This lock may not be used on moving doors, i.e., Cars, Trains or similar applications. The lock is designed for residential and commercial applications only and door sizes between 32-50mm. We highly recommend that a secondary entrance is required in the unlikely event of total failure. This lock may not be used on fire doors.

Z-Wave Wireless Digital Deadbolt by Lockwood ⇒Lock Installation manual

If you have invested in a Vera Home Control System (VeraEdge) and a Z-Wave Wireless Digital Deadbolt by Lockwood, you can enjoy the benefits of the Smart products working seamlessly together. Below is all the information you need to connect your Smart Lock to a Vera system.

How to connect the systems:

• On the Vera Dashboard select 'Add Device' (keep lock in close proximity during inclusion and extend inclusion tome for 60 sec)

• Select 'Door locks/Yale Touchscreen Deadbolt' (The instructions that appear on the screen are for the American Yale locks so can be ignored.)

• If the lock is new set a new master code as detailed below, otherwise click 'Next' on Vera.

How to set up the Master Code:  

• Press any key to wake the lock up.

• Enter the default master code (123456) followed by the # key.

• Press 1 followed by the # key.

• Enter your new master code followed by the # key.

• Click 'Next' on Vera.

To Include the lock in the Z-Wave network follow the instructions below

• Press any key on the lock to wake it up.

• Enter your master code followed by the # key.

• Press  4 followed by the # key.

• Press 1 followed by the # key.

• The lock will play a 3 tone sound to indicate this has completed.

• Click 'Exit'.

Your lock is now added to your Vera system and should appear on the devices page.

Configuring the LOCKWOOD Z-Wave Digital Deadbolt in VeraEdge UI7

• Click on the lock in from the Vera Dashboard, you will be presented with the following screen

Z-Wave lock inclusion

To Add/Delete PIN code select 'PIN Codes':

Add/Delete PIN code in Vera UI7

• To Add select 'Add Pin Code' and type in a name and PIN code for that slot

• To Delete click the Dustbin Icon next to the relevant code you wish to delete

• To Modify the times at which a Pin can unlock the door click 'Restrictions' on the relevant PIN you wish to modify. You will see a Validity Menu appear at the bottom of the screen:

• Select 'Always' if you want the PIN to work all the time

• Select 'Daily' to specify a start/end time and date range you want the PIN code to operate.

• Select 'Weekly', to specify the days of the week and the start/end times you want to restrict PIN access to.

To change settings in the lock, select 'Device Options', you will be presented with the following screen:

Z-Wave lock settings in Vera UI7

• Silent Mode (Default off)

• To enable Silent Mode  enter 1 in the 'Desired Value' box on the Silent Mode row, and click 'Save Changes'.&a